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July 11th, 2006
[ mood | horny ]

[4m: jen] awe baby im sorry i havent updated. its been so hectic lately. i got a new job and all. its soo much fun. i sit in an office all day from 6am-5pm. waiting for deliveries to come in. sign the sheet and they are off to go... mm but theres this is one girl she is soo pretty. we work together. and haha well a couple of days a go. i was in the restroom thinking i was in there by my self. i went in there because i was throbbing for some let loose. and so i go into the stall and sit on top of some paper towls i put on the ground so i could sit. and i start to rub myself  slow slow slow then quicker by the seconds. me moaning and enjoying it soo much. i didnt even notice how loud i was. continuing for about 5minutes. i finally got on my knees bent over to the front still playing with my self trying to get a second shot. i moan and moan getting closer to what i was waiting for.. i finish i sit relaxed agianst the wall well i lick my fingers clean. i stand up and pull my nice wet pink g-sting up and put my skirt back down. as i walk out the stall and washing my hands i look in the mirrior and i see two feet in a stall. and i smile and think to my self "mm i wonder who heard me" so i leave the rest room and go and sit at my desk. well having a clear view of the restroom door. i watch to see who comes out... i slowly see the door open and it was the girl  ive been crushing. mmm stacey.. im pretty sure she knew it was me. because we met eyes and exanged smiles.

**my goal to be with stacey not for a relationship just for work funn**
mmmmm im so wet thinking of this all over agian. mm im gonna head to the bead right now and let loose. aww. i feel my self throbbing. i'll update later. bye loves


December 21st, 2005
[ mood | satisfied ]

mmm lastnight my friend sara spent the night so we shared a bed. while i was sleeping i was having the most wonderful dream. and i woke up touching myself. i was so wet. when i woke up. i saw sara staring at me. as we stared talking. i was surprised by her starting to tease my pussy with her tumb. i bit my lip. and closed my eyes. started to moan. she was teasing me. my pussy. and nipples. and finally she started taking off my black thong. and she whispered in my ear 'jen lay on your stomache' as so i did was i was told. and she inserted her finger into my ass.. i moaned by surprise. she started licking from my ear to my neck. over and over. she started playing with my clit while i flipped over so i was laying on my back.. she stopped. to take off her shirt. wearing no bra. her 34 C cup showed. i started grabbing her breast playing with them.. biting her nipples.. sucking around them.. she takes my shirt off.. as i show her my everything.. she puts her face between my breast and softly blows cold air. she sits up so shes between my legs and my legs are wrapped around her.. she fingers me. in and out. going faster and faster then slow. and then faster and then slow. over and over.. i start to cum. and she slowly takes her fingers out and sticks them in her mouth. whispering to me 'jen you taste so damn good. can i taste some more' and me moaning so much i say 'yes yess' she lays on her stomache ad she lifts my legs over her shoulders. she licks all the cum off and plays with my clit and inserts her tounge in and out of me. i begin to cum some more.. as i moan louder and louder.. she sits up and looks at me as i see my cum all around her lips. i pull her head to me. as i kiss her and lick my cum off of her mouth. as she lays back down next to me. she whispers 'i saw you playing with your self while you were sleeping thought id sex you up. so you could be satisfied from someone other than yourself tonight' and then i look at her and kiss her as a way to say 'thanks'


December 7th, 2005
[ mood | horny.. touching myself ]

mm i need to fuck myself badly.
any ideas?



November 25th, 2005
[ mood | flirty ]

titled: blush

resently i went on a road trip with a friend of mine. i was pretty bummed i forgot all my 'toys' dildos everrrything. so i was soooo horny just going through everything of mine trying to find something to have a good orgy with.. using fingers gets pretty old.. well i was going through my make up bag i found a blush brush.. mmm it was great...

lay on your back get the brush and gently rub all around your pussy. tease yourself. finally stick inside.. in and out. up and down. do it until you find it pleasurable. it wont take long. in and out. touch your breast. your nipples. play with your self.. play with your clip well you are still fucking yourself with the brush..

hope you enjoy. i tried it on my best friend.. she lovvvved it.



November 12th, 2005
[ mood | horny ]

titled ice

this is just like the old fashion days on masterbating.
fingers, vagina, clit, and mmmmm yummy something new ICE.

yess ice!

just relax. lay on your stomache with your butt in the air bent. so your face is in the pillows..  with a cup of ice next you.. start to rub your self where ever you feel pleasured. rub. rub. now start rubbing your pussy. up and down. up and down.. reach over and get a peice of ice.. mm. rub all over you.. start on the pussy.. rub up and down. mmm that cold sensation.. feels good riight..? yess i know.. keeping rubbing the ice on you.. as you start to drip the icy water.. insert the remaining of the ice cube inside you.. yes it will be cold.. but it feels wonderful.. no worries.. the ice will never get stuck.. it melts and drips out.. keep doing this until you are fully pleasured..

i hope you enjoy.
when me and my girlfriend tried this..
we had a blast of moaning and it was
the best orgy yet..



someone enjoyed


intro [Saturday
November 12th, 2005
so me and a couple of friends desided to put this site together.

this is for mostly for girls.
any ages i guess.
if you like the post we posted and you've tryed it..
then please post a comment..
if we dont get enought comments then we will most likley delete this..

so we hope you enjoy..

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