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[4m: jen] awe baby im sorry i havent updated. its been so hectic lately. i got a new job and all. its soo much fun. i sit in an office all day from 6am-5pm. waiting for deliveries to come in. sign the sheet and they are off to go... mm but theres this is one girl she is soo pretty. we work together. and haha well a couple of days a go. i was in the restroom thinking i was in there by my self. i went in there because i was throbbing for some let loose. and so i go into the stall and sit on top of some paper towls i put on the ground so i could sit. and i start to rub myself  slow slow slow then quicker by the seconds. me moaning and enjoying it soo much. i didnt even notice how loud i was. continuing for about 5minutes. i finally got on my knees bent over to the front still playing with my self trying to get a second shot. i moan and moan getting closer to what i was waiting for.. i finish i sit relaxed agianst the wall well i lick my fingers clean. i stand up and pull my nice wet pink g-sting up and put my skirt back down. as i walk out the stall and washing my hands i look in the mirrior and i see two feet in a stall. and i smile and think to my self "mm i wonder who heard me" so i leave the rest room and go and sit at my desk. well having a clear view of the restroom door. i watch to see who comes out... i slowly see the door open and it was the girl  ive been crushing. mmm stacey.. im pretty sure she knew it was me. because we met eyes and exanged smiles.

**my goal to be with stacey not for a relationship just for work funn**
mmmmm im so wet thinking of this all over agian. mm im gonna head to the bead right now and let loose. aww. i feel my self throbbing. i'll update later. bye loves
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