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titled ice

this is just like the old fashion days on masterbating.
fingers, vagina, clit, and mmmmm yummy something new ICE.

yess ice!

just relax. lay on your stomache with your butt in the air bent. so your face is in the pillows..  with a cup of ice next you.. start to rub your self where ever you feel pleasured. rub. rub. now start rubbing your pussy. up and down. up and down.. reach over and get a peice of ice.. mm. rub all over you.. start on the pussy.. rub up and down. mmm that cold sensation.. feels good riight..? yess i know.. keeping rubbing the ice on you.. as you start to drip the icy water.. insert the remaining of the ice cube inside you.. yes it will be cold.. but it feels wonderful.. no worries.. the ice will never get stuck.. it melts and drips out.. keep doing this until you are fully pleasured..

i hope you enjoy.
when me and my girlfriend tried this..
we had a blast of moaning and it was
the best orgy yet..



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